Mrs Kim’s Grill

Mrs Kim’s Grill

258 Swan St
03 9563 4424

Mrs Kim’s Grill is the result of a Korean migrant wanting to share her home and food with her friends and the wider Melbourne community over 30 years ago. With nostalgia and a hint of home sickness, not being able to forget the food she grew up, with Mrs Kim started to marinate meats for home barbeques and cultural events as her contribution to the community.

In 2013 the opportunity arose to open a restaurant and the first Mrs Kim’s Grill was born. Mrs Kim wanted to create a space to share all things good; food, drinks and company and it was essential that the hospitality you would receive would be no different to what you would experience at her home. At Mrs Kim’s Grill, guests experience something new, unique and comfortable.

In 2016 Mrs Kim’s Grill opened a second restaurant in Richmond. This venue has a casual and urban feel, suited to the brand and location.

Featured in Mrs Kim’s Grill is our elaborate Coleman Collection finished in industrial stressed copper