Tea Connoisseur

Tea Connoisseur

1218 High Street
03 9509 7572

Photography: Taryne Fletcher, Stitch Productions

Tea Connoisseur is bringing a special new tea experience to Melbourne. This boutique speciality café in inner-city Melbourne has a modern European feel. Attention to detail ensures there is not a single bad seat in the house. The terrace at the front is the perfect spot to sit down and watch the shopping traffic pass by, the café has a luxurious feeling interior, making sure guests can relax and enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of tea from the extensive menu that Tea Connoisseur offers.

The custom-made chesterfield style banquette seating is lined up against the wall, upholstered in Warwick Lustrell Navy. Opposite the banquette, you will find customised Chloe chairs in Warwick Ella Tangerine. To tie everything together, the cushions on the banquette are matched to the Chloe chairs. The American Oak table tops and dry-bar were made to match the shelving and counter. The dry-bar at the window is complemented by light walnut Hansel stools upholstered in Warwick Lustrell Navy.

Flat Technology PX23 table bases are used both indoors as well as outdoors to bring an old-world element to the café, while making sure there is never a wobbly table.

The Villa Arm chairs with the texteline seat and back are comfortable and give the outdoor area a classic European look. Moulded resin table tops in light marble complement the style of the chairs.