Compact Laminate Table Tops

Weather proof outdoor table tops.

Compact Laminate Table Tops

Compact laminate table tops are made with superior moisture and wear resistance and have a refined elegance with a minimalist appearance.


  • Wear and moisture resistance
  • Minimalist design
  • Custom Sizes

Polytec Colour Options:

  • Athena Stone (Smooth)
  • Black (Matt)
  • Café Oak (Ravine)
  • Calacutta D’oro (Smooth)
  • Calacutta Grey (Smooth)
  • Cinder (Matt)
  • Grey Cement (Smooth)
  • Natural Oak (Ravine)
  • Nickel (Matt)
  • Oyster Grey (Matt)
  • Polar White (Matt)
  • Stone Grey (Matt)
  • Titanium (Matt)

*All Polytec compact laminate table tops feature a black edge except for the Smooth range that features a matching colour edge to the top.

Laminex Colour Options:

  • Bespeckled Grey (Alfresco)
  • Brushed Beam (Alfresco)
  • Manganese (Alfresco)
  • Mortar (Alfresco)
  • Sawn Lumber (Alfresco)
  • Sentry (Alfresco)
  • Split Cedar (Alfresco)
  • Stone (Alfresco)
  • Alaskan (Multipurpose)
  • Battalion (Multipurpose)
  • Baye (Multipurpose)
  • Black (Multipurpose)
  • Blackened Linewood (Multipurpose)
  • Brescia (Multipurpose)
  • Charcoal (Multipurpose)
  • Fossil (Multipurpose)
  • Hakata (Multipurpose)
  • Husk (Multipurpose)
  • Licorice Linea (Multipurpose)
  • Lustrous Elm (Multipurpose)
  • Mandarin (Multipurpose)
  • Moose (Multipurpose)
  • New Antique White (Multipurpose)
  • New Graphite (Multipurpose)
  • Nocturne Oak (Multipurpose)
  • Olive (Multipurpose)
  • Olympia Blue (Multipurpose)
  • Olympia Yellow (Multipurpose)
  • Oyster Grey (Multipurpose)
  • Oyster Linea (Multipurpose)
  • Parchment (Multipurpose)
  • Pillarbox (Multipurpose)
  • Platinum Micro (Multipurpose)
  • Polar White (Multipurpose)
  • Pumice (Multipurpose)
  • Seasoned Oak (Multipurpose)
  • Stipple Hemp (Multipurpose)
  • Stipple Seal (Multipurpose)
  • Sublime Teak (Multipurpose)
  • Tawny Linewood (Multipurpose)
  • Zincworks (Multipurpose)

*All Laminex compact laminate table tops feature a black edge.

Edge Profile Options:

  • Aris (Standard)
  • Arc
  • Shark Nose

Lead Time: Custom Made (3-8 weeks)*
Hospitality Furniture: Bar, Café, Function Centre, Hotel, Restaurant
Suitability: Internal / Semi-External
Commercial Warranty: 12 months

*subject to availability

Product specifications: Table Top Thickness: 13mm Sizes: Custom