Embossed Stainless Steel Table Tops

Durable, hardy and elegant embossed stainless steel table tops for outdoor use.

Embossed Steel – elegant steel table tops suitable for outdoor use.

For an elegant steel table look no further. Outdoor cafe tables in stainless steel have been the cheap go-to table for snack bars for a long time. If you want to use an outdoor table top in a steel finish, but don’t want the cheap look of the typical ring-spun tops, consider the Embossed Stainless Steel Table Tops. These tops are finished elegantly with a fine pattern embossing and are durable and hardy.


  • Stainless Steel rimless table top

Lead Time: Regularly Stocked Item (0-3 weeks)*
Hospitality Furniture: Bar, Café, Hotel, Restaurant
Suitability: Internal/External
Commercial Warranty: 12 months

*subject to availability

Product specifications: Round: 600mm dia Round: 700mm dia Round: 800mm dia Square: 600 x 600mm Square: 700 x 700mm Square: 800 x 800mm Rectangular: 1200x800mm